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Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it! We love spending time talking about kindness and friendship. However, the candy that often goes along with Valentine’s Day isn’t our favorite. Instead, craft one of these candy-free DIY Valentine’s Day cards! All of these projects have parts that your toddler or preschooler can help with. Have younger siblings help hold and glue parts. Encourage older kids to cut out individual pieces and sign their own names on their valentines.

Wooly Be My Valentine
Print out this black and white sheep outline and have kids glue pom poms all over to make the sheep “wooly.” This is a great DIY Valentine because no matter where the pom poms end up it will be adorable!

You’re Grrreat
These little pirates with itty bitty heart eye patches are the cutest. Print out the pirates and sew or glue the eye patches on. Your kids can color in the hats if they want, or simply sign their name and call it a day.

We Make a Great Pair
No parent will turn down a new, clean and matched pair of socks. Tie a cute ribbon and a sweet note (let your kids personalize them with crayons or other craft materials) around a pair of socks.

I Have My Eyes on You
Who doesn’t love googly eyes?! Print these cards (or recreate your own with washi tape and an outline of glasses) and have your kids glue on eyes.

We’re in the Same School
If you don’t want to include candy but can’t completely leave out a treat, go for this cute fishbowl. Even toddlers can fill the plastic bags with these printables and Goldfish with a little help.

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