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What Makes Childrens’ Kastle Different

Features and Benefits of Childrens’ Kastle Programs

Family Owned

Family Owned and Operated Since 1995. A family atmosphere where parents are always welcome. We focus on getting to know the whole family as this will help us to individualize your child’s needs and maximize learning opportunities. As we partner together we will cultivate in your child a love for learning. We will continually challenge and encourage your child to do their very best.

Christian Based Center

We believe each child has unique God given capabilities. The most effective way to teach children is the example set by Christian teaching. Weekly Bible stories where your children will learn fundamental values. Scriptural principles of love, sharing, respect, morality, responsibility, faith, and patience are integrated into every aspect of our day.

Nationally Accredited

Our Accreditation Specialist monitors our program to ensure that the highest standards are met. Consistency between classrooms, on-going training, and support to our classroom staff provide the children with high quality learning experiences every day!

Experienced Teachers

Our teachers’ expertise will ensure your child is 100% prepared for kindergarten. Our curriculum offers a balance of play and academics in well structured classrooms. Two separate outdoor play areas to meet the needs of our children including our infants.

MAT Trained Staff

MAT  (Medication Administration Training). Able to administer medication to your child when needed. All staff are trained in CPR & First Aid.

Happy Family Guarantee!

We believe you and your child will be very happy with Childrens’ Kastle so much that we’re willing to take the risk through our “100% Happy Family Guarantee.”  After you enroll, if you become dissatisfied with our service for any reason in the first 90 days, we will refund up to two weeks’ tuition, no questions asked.

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Happy Parents Say

My son started this past September and he is so happy, learning amazing things and loves to come to school. I was seeking a place where my child would be stimulated and loved and I found it! Moving him to Children's Kastle is the best decision we could of made for him. I look forward to all the love for learning that will be encouraged on his journey through his preschool years.

Melissa and Dave Evans

My husband and I have been very happy sending our boys to Children's Kastle! The skills they provided our older son with made certain he was well prepared for Kindergarten! He was starting to read before the end of PreK! It has been such a blessing for our younger son to spend so much time with the same teachers.

Samantha Maciejewski

We absolutely love Children’s Kastle! Our daughter started in June in the Freshman room with Miss Jess and every day she came home happy! We developed a great relationship with her teacher! Now she is in the Sophomore room and we love the teachers! Our daughter is 21 months and knows the alphabet and how to count to 13! It’s truly amazing what they teach them at such a young age! Including sign language! If you are looking for a great place to send your child or children, this is the place to go! They are very understanding and will work with any issue you may have! We are very happy!

The Sledz Family

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