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Hear Why Our Parents Choose Children’s Kastle!

“In 2004, my husband and I found out we were having our first child. We were obviously very excited, but knew our top priority as we both worked full time jobs was to find the best child care available for our baby. Several neighbors on our street were sending their children to Childrens’ Kastle on Walden Avenue in Lancaster. This was one of 5 day care centers we visited. Some of the things we liked most about Childrens’ Kastle:

All of the staff and the owner are very friendly and caring with the children as well impeccably clean. Childrens’ Kastle isn’t just a day care; it is a learning center, providing readiness to children as they enter kindergarten. Children need to know so much more today than they used to when entering kindergarten, this was very important to us. In today’s world, children not entered into some sort of a structured educational program prior to kindergarten are at a disadvantage. While price shouldn’t play a role in determining the best child care, we found Childrens’ Kastle to be reasonably priced. We aren’t paying to send our child to a brand new building, or to a place that offered a lot of bells and whistles such as internet viewing during the day. It is a Christian Learning Center, helping us instill strong morals and values in our child. They offer a wide range of activities throughout the day for the children. They offer a great summer camp program for children when they are a bit older that includes a lot of activities and field trips. They have a before and after school program that corresponds with the Lancaster school district, meaning we don’t have to worry about transportation. Our child will get picked up for school by bus from Children’s Kastle and then get dropped off there after school.

We began sending our son to Childrens’ Kastle from 8 weeks old. He was in the program through the start of kindergarten and still attends the after school program today. My daughter now attends Childrens’ Kastle and will follow the same pattern. We found with our son who was going to be a young 5 year old entering kindergarten that he was more than ready when tested to begin school and we attribute a great deal of that to the curriculum at Childrens’ Kastle. We know we will have the same with our daughter. We highly recommend Childrens’ Kastle.”

Sue and Todd Puccio

“The start of our journey began in 2004 after I became pregnant with our first child, Crosby. One of my immediate thoughts was where would we send our little baby for child care? As a former child care provider/preschool teacher for 7 years, I had many, many questions, and many, many reservations. I mean, it’s one thing when you are a young adult, fresh out of college, caring for and teaching other people’s children 5 days a week for 9 hours. It is very much quite another when it is your own child, and you have to have trust and faith in (almost) total strangers to look after the most precious person to you on earth. I now have a very real appreciation and understanding of what it felt like for all those parents who had to leave their crying children in my arms and trust that they would be ok.

My husband Kurt and I knew that we needed to find a center that would not only be safe, clean, and developmentally appropriate, but also gave us a good feeling when we walked in the door. I’ve been to child care centers where you just know that something isn’t right and are not respectful to children. Here at Childrens’ Kastle, we feel we’ve got the best of all worlds. Yes, the center is extremely close and convenient to our house, but it is also the place that we feel safest leaving our children.
From our first tour of the center with Darlene, we knew we had found the right place. We are now on our third child, Carter, who is a current member of the Freshman room. Our daughter Marina is very much a Junior, and Crosby is thriving in first grade, after spending time in each room in the center.

Childrens’ Kastle, for our family, has been a welcoming place. I think back to that first day back in January 2005, when I had to leave my little, vulnerable 3 month old, I remember thinking “How can I do this?” Well, it was the comforting arms of Debbie who hugged me as I cried, and reassured me that Crosby would be fine, and so would I, while still understanding how difficult it was to have to go back to work full time. I think I called 2 or 3 times that morning just to make sure he was OK, and picked him up after only a half a day. Never was I judged or told to leave, and was assured I could call anytime. We are proud to say that all 3 of our children have been cared for by Debbie-she has been one of the constants, and such a comfort to our family. She is always there to offer a cheerful smile and hello in the morning, and never forgets any of the children that she has cared for.

As a parent, it means the world to know that your children are somewhere safe, and with people who will love and care for them. It means the world to us that you have provided such excellent care throughout the years for our children. You have watched them grow, reach milestones, and show genuine concern and love for them. Sure, there are other centers that offer dance classes, karate classes, video cameras, etc., but we prefer the intimate setting where all the staff knows all our children’s names, where “everyone knows your name” and we are greeted with friendly faces at the door.

Our journey is still continuing and we look forward to many more happy years…..”

Danielle Juliano

“We are so blessed to have such wonderful people teach, love and care for our son Dominick. He loves coming to daycare. We never have to worry about him because we know he is in great care. You provide him with a safe environment to learn and grow. Our expectations have been exceeded with the level of care you all have given him. We cannot thank you enough for the time you put in everyday to care for our son. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

Megan, Rich and Dominick Pavetto

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