Healthy eating habits formed during a child’s early years lead to a healthy life. Proper nutrition is the key. As caregivers at Children’s Kastle, we play an important role in helping your children form those good eating habits.

It is our goal to be positive role models and provide a variety of nutritious foods each day.  Studies have shown that children who are emotionally and physically healthy have greater learning success.

Our meals are prepared with foods in accordance with CACFP (Child and Adult Care Food Program) which are regularly reviewed by a registered dietitian.

Frequently, a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are served with meals and snacks. Whole milk is served to children under 19 months and 1% milk to older children.

Eating healthy and fitness go hand and hand.  Outdoor play and gross motor activities are planned twice daily to ensure your children are developing positive feelings about fitness.

baby eating
My bib’s on and my belly’s ready!

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Download the snack menu: 2018 April – Snack

Download the lunch menu: 2018 April – Lunch