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October is National Fire Prevention Month! Many home fire prevention tactics fall on parents, such as making sure there are working smoke alarms and fire extinguishers in your home. There is also fire safety information you can (and should) share with your kids.

To help keep everyone safe, discuss these fire safety tips for kids with the entire family.

The easiest fire to put out is one that never starts. Explain to your kids why it’s important never to play with matches, lighters or candles. Never leave candles burning, not only when you leave your home, but when you leave a room. Teach kids to check for and extinguish candles. Make sure any candles (or another open heat source) are on a flat, heat-resistant surface.

Electrical outlets are another potential fire hazard. As your kids get older, they should know how dangerous it is to stick any foreign object into outlets. Plugging too many devices into an outlet might seem harmless, but it can also cause a fire.

Knowing how to cook is a great skill for kids to have and you can start teaching them how to put together simple recipes as toddlers. While you’re in the kitchen, make sure dish towels, oven mitts and aprons are kept away from the stove and oven.

If a fire happens, your family will be much safer if you have an escape plan. Go over the plan with all of your kids, emphasizing how important it is to get out of the house or to an area where firefighters can easily find them, such as a nearby window. Parents should discuss who will be responsible for very young children in case of a fire emergency.

Have a designated meeting place outside, so you know right away if one of your family members wasn’t able to make it out on their own. This is a good time to talk about “fall and crawl” to avoid rising smoke, how to feel a door to see if there is fire on the other side and “stop, drop and roll” to put out clothing fires.

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