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We’re already looking for ways to beat the cold weather blues on the days our classes can’t go outside. Likely, you’re doing the same at home. Break out the beach towels and get ready for a game of living room Marco Polo. Kids of all ages will love these indoor beach party ideas!

Start by breaking out the summer clothes your kids love. Chances are they won’t fit into these clothes next summer anyway. An indoor beach party will be tons of fun with just your kids. If you want to invite friends as well, make sure you let them know the dress code. Everyone should wear their coolest pair of sunglasses too!

Decorate your house with beach towels and umbrellas. Fill an inflatable kiddie pool with beach balls. String lights will give your indoor spaces a beachy feeling as the sun sets. Big seashells and floaties can also be used to decorate. Floaties make excellent props for silly relay races as well.

Indoor Beach Party Menu

You don’t need to change the menu just because your beach party is inside. Serve hamburgers and hot dogs with all the toppings. Fresh veggies and dip, fruit kebobs and lemonade will complete your special lunch or dinner.

For dessert, decorate beach cupcakes together. Frost cupcakes with blue frosting and top half of the frosting with graham cracker crumbs for sand. Add paper umbrellas, Teddy Grahams beachgoers, Goldfish and chocolate seashells.

Beach Party Game Ideas

Unless you’re feeling brave, we don’t suggest adding a whole bunch of sand to the inside of your house. There are plenty of other ways to add beachy fun to a wintertime celebration.

  • Hula hoops
  • Sand castle tools: buckets, rakes, shovels, etc.
  • Marco Polo
  • Ocean in a bottle craft with small shells, plastic fish and a pinch of glitter
  • Charades with beach activities: swimming, surfing, volleyball, crabs, etc.
  • Flip the beach towel game (Have teams of kids stand on beach towels and work together to flip the entire towel, without stepping off of it.)
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