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As football season progresses, you may be looking for a few more ways to keep the kids busy while the Bills play on Sunday afternoon. These football activities for kids are great for all ages and can easily be modified to be fun for the whole family.

Easy Football Activities

After a busy Saturday and planning for the week ahead, there isn’t a lot of time left in your day to put together complicated football activities for the kids. Instead, take a minute to print off a few football coloring and activity sheets. Budding Buffalo Bills fans will like this one!

If your kids love Legos, suggest they build what they see on TV. They can get creative making fields, stadiums, footballs, helmets and goal posts, which are perfect for paper footballs. Another classic game that translates well to football Sunday is hot potato. Instead of a beanbag or dodgeball, use a football.

Your family’s favorite backyard games are a great way to take a break during halftime. Smaller games may even fit in the living room as the weather gets colder. Just be careful that no beanbags or washers are flying near the TV!

Yummy Kids Activities for a Bills Game

Get everyone excited for the game with a football-themed lunch. Cut grilled cheese into a football shape and add “laces” on top with slices of cheese. Or, top deli sandwichs with mayo “laces.”

During the Bills game, frost cookies or cupcakes for a special treat. Use red and blue frosting and pipe on the jersey numbers of kids’ (or parents’) favorite players. You can also use brown frosting and pipe on football laces. Another, simpler snack can be made by frosting graham crackers to look like a football field.

Football Games for Kids

Football is a pretty complicated sport, especially for little ones. There are lots of simpler, safer football-themed games that will keep kids busy during the game.

  • Horse: Use the same rules you would to play the basketball-based game Horse. Pass a football back and forth. When someone drops the ball, they get a letter. The last one to “horse” wins. This is a great way to practice spelling words before the week starts!
  • Bingo: Create bingo boards with items your kids will see and recognize during the Buffalo Bills games. When someone gets bingo, they get a simple prize, like an extra few minutes of screen time or to pick a movie to watch together next weekend.
  • Charades: Fill a bowl with football-related words before the game and play charades as a family during halftime.
  • Sensory Bin: A lot of football games for kids aren’t meant for toddlers or preschoolers. Keep little kids busy with a football sensory bin. Try mini footballs, small helmets, and for some Bills colors, dried blue corn, red kidney beans and colored glass pebbles.

Football Math Games

There are a lot of numbers involved in football, so it’s pretty easy to come up with math games to play during games. Get in the habit of asking older kids how many points the trailing team needs to tie the game. How many touchdowns and field goals does it take to fill the gap?

For a more structured football math game, this bean bag football toss would be fun for preschoolers with a little help from older siblings or mom and dad.

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