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As a parent, you trust your daycare to provide a safe place for your children to learn and grow. There are dozens of ways we keep our classrooms safe, from CPR and first aid training to childproofed spaces. When touring a child care provider’s facility, keep your eyes out for these details. Then, add them to your own home!

Age-Appropriate Toys
The toys in each daycare room should be appropriate for the kids there. At home, keep older kids’ toys with small pieces or sharp edges away from younger siblings. No matter what ages your kids are, toys should be clean and well-kept.

Childproofed Classrooms
Once infants begin exploring the world around them, everything needs to be childproofed. Daycares should use outlet covers, stair gates, high chair straps, locked cupboards and anchored cabinets, and you should at home too. All cribs should be free of pillows, bedding and toys.

Emergency Evacuation
Does your daycare have an evacuation plan in each room? Are fire drills practiced regularly? The staff in your child’s room should be able to tell you what the plan is. At home, you should have a plan for getting out in case of an emergency. Talk to the other adults in your home to make sure that each child will be accounted for during an evacuation.

Limited Screen Time
Infants and toddlers don’t need to be watching very much (or any) TV. Your daycare shouldn’t substitute TV for play or nap time. We know sometimes parents need a break, but you should still be limiting the amount of time your little ones spend in front of screens.

Medication Documentation
An essential part of daycare safety is properly documenting and administering medications. We require specific instructions to make sure your child is receiving the right medical care on a daily basis. You should also document any medications your kids need on a regular basis in your home for babysitters, grandparents, etc.

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