Procedures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Procedures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19

We will continue to monitor and revise any of the following procedures as we receive information from local licensing agencies, the CDC, and government authorities. 

Centers will operate according to state and local regulations, which will be adapted to meet any new regulations created.

We will be using disinfectant products specific to fight COVID-19 daily. We instituted additional routines throughout the day for sanitizing of door handles, light switches, and commonly touched surfaces. All toys and materials that are in our classrooms are cleaned and sanitized upon use. 

Washing hands is a part of our daily routine for children and staff to control the spread of viruses and infections. We will have your children wash their hands in the classroom upon arrival.  Throughout our daily routine children will wash their hands after toileting, before and after meals, coming in from outdoors and when in contact with their bodily fluids.

All parents and staff are required to complete the Health Screening One-Time Attestation for COVID-19 symptoms and inform us of any changes, as necessary.

Should an employee become ill at the center, they will be sent home.

Face masks or coverings are optional and will be revised if we receive information from local licensing agencies, the CDC, and government authorities. 

Children who are ill may not attend the center and must remain at home according to our center sick policies. Any child who becomes ill at the center will be separated from the other children and must be picked up within one hour.

Vendors and visitors will be permitted inside the center by necessity and be required to make an appointment.

Teachers will be closely monitoring children during handwashing to ensure the use of soap and that they are washing for the full 20 seconds. Frequent handwashing by all staff and children is essential and is built into the day before and after key activities such as toileting, eating and touching bodily fluids, etc.

Parents should conduct any lengthy conversations with our Director/staff by telephone.

In the event a parent, child, household member, or staff person tests positive for Covid-19, they will not be permitted to return to the center based on current CDC or local health agencies guidelines. Tuition is payable and no credit will be issued for absence. We will monitor current orders as updates are made. We will discuss with appropriate government and local health agencies regarding a closure due to Covid-19. 

We will consult with the appropriate government agencies regarding center closures due to Covid-19 illnesses within our community. If for any reason the center temporarily closes, tuition will be billed in full for the first 7 days of closure for all families. In order for our centers to stay viable and offer future services to our families, tuition will be reduced to 50% discounted rate thereafter, and we will assess additional consideration for lengthy closures.

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Happy Parents Say

My son started this past September and he is so happy, learning amazing things and loves to come to school. I was seeking a place where my child would be stimulated and loved and I found it! Moving him to Children's Kastle is the best decision we could of made for him. I look forward to all the love for learning that will be encouraged on his journey through his preschool years.

Melissa and Dave Evans

My husband and I have been very happy sending our boys to Children's Kastle! The skills they provided our older son with made certain he was well prepared for Kindergarten! He was starting to read before the end of PreK! It has been such a blessing for our younger son to spend so much time with the same teachers.

Samantha Maciejewski

We absolutely love Children’s Kastle! Our daughter started in June in the Freshman room with Miss Jess and every day she came home happy! We developed a great relationship with her teacher! Now she is in the Sophomore room and we love the teachers! Our daughter is 21 months and knows the alphabet and how to count to 13! It’s truly amazing what they teach them at such a young age! Including sign language! If you are looking for a great place to send your child or children, this is the place to go! They are very understanding and will work with any issue you may have! We are very happy!

The Sledz Family

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