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Fall is filled with fun family activities. The temperature is just right for spending time outside before the weather gets too cold. There are also a lot of crafts, science experiments and recipes that take advantage of fall’s greatest features, like brightly colored leaves, apples and pumpkins!

Outdoor Fall Activities

Head outside with the whole family before Western New York gets too chilly to enjoy more than a few hours outdoors.

  • Go apple picking. Enjoy a tractor ride, snack on an apple or two and pick your favorite kinds of apples. This is a great way to show your kids how different kinds of apples taste! Head to Smith’s Orchard or Blackman Homestead Farm to pick apples. If you’re more of a cider donut family, check out Mayer Brothers’ Cider Mill Store. No matter where you go, pick up a gallon of cider for a fun apple cider “tea” party.
  • Visit a pumpkin patch. Bring home pumpkins for painting or carving (which is also a fun fall activity for kids), décor and eating! Try the Great Pumpkin Farm or Wheatfield Pumpkin Farm.
  • Jump into a leaf pile. Rake up piles of leaves and take turns leaping into them. Consider raking up the leaves not only in your family’s yard but for an elderly neighbor as well.
  • Check out the farmers’ market. Many local markets are open well into October. You’ll find apples, Brussels sprouts, grapes, pears, peppers and more!
  • Make leaf rubbings. Use crayons and paper to create rubbings of fallen leaves and tree bark. If you don’t have very many trees in your backyard, head to a local park. Pack the bikes and a few disposable cameras for a whole afternoon of fun fall activities for the family.
  • Go trick-or-treating. Buy or make your Halloween costumes and head out for a night of trick-or-treating. You could also attend another Halloween activity, such as a party or community night, to show off your costumes.

Fall Crafts for Kids

For cold, rainy fall days and dark evenings, try a fun fall craft! There are lots of ways to make a scarecrow, from a life-sized one that will live outdoors to smaller versions made from paper plates, popsicle sticks, brown bags and toilet paper rolls. Leaf crafts are also a great idea. Collecting leaves for the craft adds another fun element. Try painting with leaves, making trees from handprints or one of these ideas.

Kids of all ages will have a blast making fall-themed science experiments. What’s not to love about a pumpkin oozing slime?! For a more low-key indoor fall activity, settle down with a few new books and read as a family.

You could also curl up on the couch and watch Coco together. This is a great opportunity to talk about fall traditions in other cultures, such as Day of the Dead. Decorate paper skulls, plant marigold seeds to grow indoors this winter and make tamales or enchiladas for dinner.

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