Toddler Day Care Program

Download the parent letter: Welcome to the Sophomore Room

Toddlers are very impulsive at this stage due to their curious nature. At Childrens’ Kastle, our daily toddler day care activities in the Sophomore Room are incorporated to promote language, develop communication, increase vocabulary and help your child to become problem solvers.

All children 19 months and older participate in our Pre-K program. At Childrens’ Kastle, we simplify the Pre-K program to assist with your child’s development of fine and gross motor skills, eye-hand coordination, listening, and cognitive development.

Morning activities for 2 year old toddlers at Childrens’ Kastle include:

Circle time – Children enjoy language development, stories, songs, finger plays, Bible story, with weekly emphasis on a particular color, shape, or letter, plus a weekly theme.

Short group activities – Reading and math readiness activities to help build interests.  Your child is exposed to meaningful language to help build his or her vocabulary and enhance the learning value of each experience. He or she is given lots of opportunities to practice his or her newly acquired skills.

Sophomore activities include:

  • Sand play/water play
  • Puzzles/manipulatives
  • Play kitchen
  • Riding toys
  • Shape sorting
  • Balls
  • Block building
  • Coloring
  • Beginning cutting
  • Painting / messy play
  • Dress-up corner
  • Large and small motor skills

Daily Activities Foster Your Child’s Independence

An important part of child development is being able to do things by himself or herself. A major factor in any child’s growth of independence is being able to use the potty.

We will work with you to achieve this goal. We feel confident that if we are consistent between our daycare and your home, your child will experience potty learning success in a timely manner.

Toddler Day Care Procedures

It is a joy to see your child grow and learn as everyone at Childrens’ Kastle helps them develop their God given capabilities!

On a daily basis, you will receive an information sheet that outlines your child’s day, including eating, napping, diapering, general needs, and special activities.

Our teachers evaluate all children formally twice a year and of course daily communication and daily visits are welcomed and encouraged.

Please call Childrens’ Kastle for more information about joining our learning center (716-681-2601), stop by one of our 2 convenient locations, or Contact Us online today!